Immigrant Visas

Immigrant Visas

An Immigrant Visa means that you want to stay in the United States permanently.

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Types of Immigrant Visas You Can Apply For

There are dozens of Immigrant Visa (permanent) options. An experienced lawyer is required to help an applicant understand the immigration process. Here is a brief overview of some of the visas available.

The U.S grants this visa to people who are engaged to a U.S Citizen. This visa is valid for 90-days. Before the 90-days ends, the visa holder must be married and apply for the Spouse Visa.

The U.S grants this visa to the children of a K-1 visa holder. The children must be unmarried and under the age of 21.

The U.S grants this visa to the spouse of a Green Card holder who is waiting for their application to be approved.

The U.S grants this visa to people who want to enter the United States for vacation. They can also apply for this visa if they need to have a medical procedure done. If a person works on a sea vessel or aircraft, they will need to obtain the B-2 Tourist Visa before acquiring shore leave or time-off.

The U.S grants this visa to U.S citizens who want to adopt orphans from a foreign country. There are four visa categories—IH-3 Visa, IH-4 Visa, IR-3 Visa, and IR-4 Visa. The adopted children must have one of these four options to have legal immigration status in the United States.

The U.S grants this visa to people who are sponsored by a U.S. employer. An Employment Sponsored Visa is different from the Temporary Work visas. The Employment Sponsored Visa allows the holder to work permanently in the United States.

Family Sponsored Visa

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